14kt - 18kt solid gold tooth gems.  Available in yellow/ white gold.


Please expect that production for orders can take anywhere from 14 days - 30.

Due to each piece hand made and upon request. 


Please Note: Price does not include Bonding Service.

Dagger Gold Tooth Gem

Gold Color
  • When you purchase our Jewelry please know that:

    when the jewelry is shipped, unless you choose to have it shipped, it is shipped to our business address. We will notify you when it arrives to pick up. 

    If you need to have the jewelry swapped out or inserted, the Insertion fee of that service is not included in the price. 

  • There are NO Refunds/Exchanges
    Because of this policy, 

    Beore you buy any piece of jewelry, we strongly advise,

    • That you get fitted/measured by a piercing professional. It is very inportant that you know what size your jewelry is. This prevents you from buying the wrong lengths/diameters and it will help ensure that your jewelry is fitted properly. Please be sure of size, color, length and diameter when purchasing.

    PLEASE NOTE: We are not responsible for ordering/sending prducts that you purchased due to color, unsure or missized. 

    In the event that an order was wrong due to a distributor / manufacturer mistake is when an order an be exchanged.